We are committed to developing and implementing a high-quality, challenging, international education for all students within a safe, caring and positive environment ensuring that each student's potential is identified, nurtured and developed to the maximum.

We are committed to being a pioneer and leader in educational innovation, in accessing recognized international curricula, and in fostering and building links with local, national and international tertiary institutions.

Our aim is to create an atmosphere of stable academic climate which allows each student to develop his or her special talents by learning to respect excellence and striving to achieve it.

The philosophy attracts excellent staffs who share this view of education. Under their guidance all students are provided with the necessary encouragement to develop fully academic skills, strength of character and a wide range of interests in areas such as sport, music and drama. A high level of individual commitment is expected of all students.


In achieving its purpose we value:

• The development of students as individuals
• Excellence in teaching
• Professional development
• Worthwhile innovation in curriculum and teaching practice
• The spirit of optimism and collegiality
• The involvement of the wider community
• Pastoral care as a means of fostering student personal and academic development

We note that the prime focus of each teacher is the daily practice of teaching and that this can only be achieved within a framework of overall policy that develops excellence and achievement for each student.

Accordingly we emphasize

• The creation of a learning environment
• That each student can achieve and has the fundamental right to be acknowledged, valued and recognized as a learner within the learning community
• That staff work best as teams with each supporting the other and to be curious rather than judgmental
• That all staff have a significant contribution to make and everyone is a change agent not a change victim
• That creativity is intimately connected with growth and development
• That educational leadership from senior staff and administration is expected
• That leadership opportunities for students are provided at every age
• An attitude of reflection and evaluation in our ongoing life
• That we have the necessary fundamental structures to ensure real staff participation and student success
• The need to prepare students for the challenges of life in a rapidly changing world and can confront the future with confidence because:
- They have developed a critical intelligence
- They have been encouraged to appreciate the powers of imagination and creativity and to foster these powers in themselves
- They have been inspired with love of learning so that they will make learning a lifelong pursuit
- They are motivated to pursue excellence and appreciate the value and importance of giving their best in every endeavor


Any educational institution depends upon the quality of its teaching staff without which no matter how good the curriculum and assessment is the institution and its students will underperform. We are committed to recruiting the "best" and making them accountable. Accordingly highly qualified staff from the Middle East, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland and mainland Europe are to be recruited to ensure that we fulfill our commitment to achieving the highest standards of teaching. All staff will participate in a rigorous professional probation and appraisal process to ensure that they deliver the best. Performance pay is available for staff.

We are committed to ongoing professional development of staff.


  • Commence at 8 am for all grades. Student should arrive before that time but no earlier than 7.30
  • End at 2.30 pm
  • School is open Sunday to Thursday. 
  • The academic term dates will generally follow those set by the Omani Ministry of Education and be published ahead of the respective academic year.